Giving people a small “ ! “ moment, capturing the hidden potential for “!” in the everyday. This is the “wow” factor, the element of surprise, humour and novelty that, according to nendo, makes our lives more interesting. The mission of this design collective is to reintroduce it in the shape of objects and devices that are useful and easy to understand. Nendo propose different solutions to solve ordinary problems, perform tasks and organize the space around us, in such a way as to afford a unique, enjoyable experience. Their work is as diversified as it is prolific, encompassing furniture, lighting, small objects, exhibition design, packaging and interior design, special commissions and interventions. With offices in Tokyo and Milan, nendo is headed by Oki Sato (b. 1977), who founded the office in 2002 upon completing his Master's in architecture from the Waseda University.

Designed by this designer: