James Irvine
Botle Carrier
Agglomerated Cork, Aluminium

Six is a tender expression of friendship.

The last object James Irvine designed for Amorim has, in his own words “a little story: it remembers a wonderful dinner by the sea, with such amazing talk about wine and some incredible vintage port’s drinks. So I started thinking that these wonderful bottles need to be cuddled and carried with the greatest of care. That is how I thought up SIX.”

SIX combines the smoothness of cork with the simplicity of an aluminium handle in a sturdy, yet elegant, solution to carry and exhibit wine or spirits.
By evoking the ancestral relationship between wine and cork six offers to give you a hand when showing up for dinner. if bringing wine is far from original, display it in six…unexpected and irresistible!

Made of agglomerated cork, in the ideal dimension to perfectly accommodate six bottles, six will be a witty help to any wine collector: by absorbing impact, protecting the wine bottles while moving, or simply displaying the precious nectars…

As James would say : Cheers! Alla Salute! Saúde!...

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